About us - where to buy cheap vinyl records or new vinyl records

As a small company, our employees pledge their time to helping you, the customer, leave with a keen sense of satisfaction. Remember that Clash song you fell in love with in high school? Chances are our dedicated team will not only be able to locate the particular album you’re longing for, but also recommend similar artists. This trait, which is something you may struggle to find inside of more commercial chain stores, is what small businesses such as this one pride themselves on.

And as a business,we are here because we believe in the media format that is the vinyl record. CDs and MP3s are more readily available and may appear to have made records obsolete, but a certain level of joy exists in opening a gatefold and seeing vivid images that a band or artist hand-picked to appear within their album. And with a resurgence in popularity, more and more new releases are being released on vinyl. Where quality is concerned, listening to a record gives listeners a chance to hear audio the way a musician intended for it to be heard.

From the slightly interested novice to the well-seasoned collector, Used Grooves is a vinyl record store is that stocks enough releases–all cleaned, graded, and alphabetized–to guarantee that there truly is something for everyone. Whether looking for a long out-of-print Hank Williams record, or a cherished hip hop single from your past, flipping through well-organized shelves not only offers the strong possibility of finding those sought-after items, a thrill in and of itself, but the chance to find something new and exciting all the same. While technological advances have made listening to music as easy as a click of the mouse, the joy of hunting, discovering, and owning a vinyl record, a format that has proven to stand the test of time, still exists for many people. And for those who may happen in without the slightest clue as to what they are looking for, our team of knowledgable employees is always there to assist in any way possible.